​Developing Successful Project Initiatives Through Partnership, Not Transactions

On all project sites, weekly “Toolbox Talks” are held with all staff of J. Wales and all subcontractors where safe work practices are discussed. We require that subcontractors attend and document that their employees attend as well.

Safety above and beyond

At J. Wales Construction we consistently go above and beyond to eliminate accidents. This is our goal day in and day out on every job site. Our safety program consistently exceeds OSHA requirements. We have a culture of safety. A safe jobsite is not just a goal, it is an expectation of the company and its owners and policies. We establish this expectation to our staff from the start of employment. Safety training is an integral part of our new employee orientation program. Beginning in 2014, all staff above administration level will be required as policy to maintain a 10 Hour OSHA certification.

We provide OSHA 10 hour and 30-hour training in-house to our employees addressing each sub-part of the OSHA standards. In our training we examine the components of the J. Wales Safety Program as well as OSHA and how they interact with each other and how in many cases our safety program exceeds OSHA standards. 

Our safety program and principles are firm and nonnegotiable and is backed by strict company policy.

Our project teams lead by example, putting safety first in their daily work. A site specific project safety plan is developed on each of our projects, taking into account the specific safety requirements. As the project progresses, safety issues related to ongoing work is reviewed at each weekly on site meeting. This job specific plan provides a detailed outline of the responsibilities relating to safety for everyone on the project, trade by trade.

J. Wales Construction, LLC Safety Manual

Culture of Safety

Safety is built in to our culture

Providing a safe work environment on our projects for everyone who steps on site is a primary concern at J. Wales Construction. We steadfastly believe that a safe work place is the foundation to excellence and provides the additional benefit of reducing operating costs which we are able to pass on to our client base. Our clients and our employees benefit from our proven safety program. Our beliefs is never let up in our safety efforts and always work toward achieving the safest projects every day.


Our commitment

J. Wales Constructions consistent commitment to safety shows.

  • Our Safety program has enabled us to maintain zero lost work days in since 2009.
  • Our Experience Modification Rate (EMR) is below the national average. The low rate provides our company access to lower cost  insurance premiums and is also an excellent symbol of our historical safety performance and effectiveness of our safety program.